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Monthly payment options for a ‘whole package’ software solution

One of the UK's leading MIS providers to the printing industry since 1988, Accura provide affordable business solutions for SME printers including digital, litho, wide format, web offset, label and forms - with over 600 clients worldwide.


Building on the company’s expertise in print management information systems and as part of their evolving strategy to offer ever greater flexibility to their clients, Accura were seeking ways to make it easier for their clients to access their software and to also maintain the associated support contracts via a fast and flexible monthly payment plan that could incorporated their ‘whole package’ solution.


Accura consulted Reality Finance who had been their finance partners for over 5 years. Specialist IT and software finance providers since 2000, Reality were ideally placed to support Accura in the search for the perfect solution. Reality had recently launched their Total Project Payment Plan which provided software suppliers with an attractive monthly payment plan that allowed customers to spread the cost of not just their software, but also their support services too. The Total Project Payment Plan could finance a range of IT soft costs including training, consultancy, project management and installation and was the ideal solution for Accura’s ‘whole package’ requirement. In addition, Reality Finance had just launched their ‘Vendor Calculator App’ which meant that Accura sales teams could now generate their own monthly payment comparison costs to offer their clients.


Accura’s ‘whole package’ monthly payment option was rolled out to every prospective client with the inclusion if a monthly payment comparison option on every quotation issued. Using the handy Calculator App, monthly payment costs could be generated in seconds, anytime and anywhere using any mobile device. Uptake was encouragingly high, with many clients opting to pay monthly rather than paying for their entire investment upfront. It was clear that having a monthly payment option that included the ‘whole package’ meant that Accura could demonstrate a ROI easily and make the investment more attractive. The initiative not only offered greater flexibility for their customers, Accura also benefitted by getting paid for the entire support contracts upfront and in full. Reality’s experience and specialist software finance capability meant that all applications were turned around quickly, with the majority being applied for and approved on the same day. Alan McKillop, Regional Sales Manager at Accura said “We needed a finance solution that could encompass our entire offering and that would continue to offer our clients a low entry price. Reality’s solutions met these requirements perfectly. Neil’s professionalism and prompt turnarounds gives us confidence that we have a finance partner that understands our and our client’s needs and ultimately delivers a solution that works for all parties.”