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December Access Newsletter

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December 2020 Newsletter

As an Access Sales Employee, you should have received an email in December last year to the following effect.   If not please email me at and I will add you to the list to receive vital updates on funding options for your clients.

In Q4 last year the following funding solutions to Access clients.  We were able to provide terms for many others across all sales divisions and some of these will be taken forward this year as the client decides what funding option is best for them.


Account Manager

Payment Options Offered

Amount Funded

Avron Trading

James Darker

Cash or Standard Lease


Bray Solutions
Read the case study

Rob Hodgson

Sold via Monthly Payments


Rolfe Judd Architecture

Pete Yule

Cash or 0%


The Bradley Collection

James Darker

Cash or Standard Lease


Shield Engineering

Ben Hulland

Cash or Standard Lease


A huge thanks go to your colleagues for offering customers the payment options they did, it was great working with them as well as other Account Managers where we have deals in the pipeline.

While we’ve not been able to have a traditional Access/Reality meeting yet I hope we’ll be able to present more payment options to your prospects soon, so they not only have the best solution but options for how to pay also presented, which can include:

  • Standard lease
  • Deferred payments
  • Annual payments
  • 0% or low rate
  • Services only
  • Up to 5 years fixed payments including annuals

Quote on the Go and provide payment choices for your customer

As ever, the key is to give clients a choice so if you’d like to generate a quote please visit and then enter the following login credentials:

  • your email address (username)
  • Access (password)

We also have the calculator available as an App:

Click here for Android


Or via iPhone & iPad here


If you are not set up on the calculator or would like more information please email me.

Jason Turner


Jason Turner

Business Development Manager