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10 Reasons to Offer your Customers a Monthly Payment Option

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10 reasons to offer asset finance

Offering a monthly payment option can ensure a more fruitful experience for both you and your customers. Here are 10 great reasons why you should include a finance option in all of your customer quotations:


  1. Breaks down barriers to sale

    Offering a monthly or quarterly payment plan can help overcome budgetary constraints and allow you to focus on the benefits of your solution rather than the cost.

  2. Provides upsell opportunities

    Because you’re spreading the cost to your customer, providing an affordable finance option enables you to offer higher spec solutions with minimal increase in monthly cost to your customers.

  3. Shortens the sales cycle

    Our quick turnarounds on finance decisions means you can close more deals, faster.

  4. Get paid within 48 hrs

    You get paid as soon as your customer takes delivery, enabling you to better manage your supplier relationships and improves your overall cash flow.

  5. Funding from start to finish

    Our tailored finance solutions can include everything from delivery and installation to training and support.

  6. Your customers expect it

    Most customers expect to see a monthly payment option to be provided as part of a professional proposal.

  7. Improve customer loyalty

    Offering finance encourages greater interaction between you and your customers, improving retention and encouraging repeat business.      

  8. Competitive advantage

    Create a competitive advantage by offering alternative finance options, differentiating you from competitors.

  9. Avoid discounting

    Providing your customers with a flexible and affordable alternative to paying upfront means you can avoid having to discount and you can maintain margins.

  10. Improve your win ratio

    Alternative funding solutions can make the decision to buy easier, meaning you close more deals


We can help you drive sales by offering your customers fast and flexible asset finance. If you would like to explore the possibilities and talk through how Reality Finance can support you and your customers, request a call back here or call our vendor team on 0845 170 4000