Finance for Retail

Finance for shops, stock and retail stores

Finance for Retail

We offer same day approval for Retail Assets under £100,000.  We can finance your stock, especially in the build-up to the busy seasons. We are also a principal lender in our own right, bringing you additional flexibility on your funding options:  we can often source finance options that are not offered by high street banks, and work hard to offer our clients the best deal on the market.   

We can help you fund:

  • Store fit-outs
  • Stock
  • Signage
  • EPOS systems
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Security systems
  • IT hardware & software
  • Mobile communications
  • Website & e-Commerce Development
  • Racking

Looking to fit out a new retail premise?

We can package a tailored finance solution to include all costs for your new premise. From furniture and flooring to site clearance and labour, we can create a finance package that enables you to pay monthly or seasonally. 

Why asset finance for your retail business?

  • Simplifies your budgeting: spreads the cost of an asset as you use it, to preserve your capital and cash flow
  • Gives you certainty: enables you to customise and fix your rental payments and finance term according to your needs
  • Extends your options: allows you to choose from various options when your finance term ends
  • Helps you get the latest equipment: lets you access up-to-date equipment that may be out of reach otherwise
  • Delivers choice of funding: we can advise on different finance packages and deliver the right one for you

We can help with tailored finance packages that make it easy to acquire essential assets and roll-out store revamps, and that provide you with a real-world alternative to using traditional credit lines.

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