Green Asset Finance

Funding for Green Technologies

Having worked with all kinds of companies across a range of industry sectors, we understand the challenges that help sustain and protect your business and the environment.

With a focus on providing fast and flexible finance solutions, our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide you with a solution that works for you.

At Reality Finance we fund the following green technologies:

Electric Vehicles
Solar Power
Wind Power
Biomass Biofuels
Commercial Heat Pumps
Vertical Farming
Smart Meters

Why Asset finance?

Free up cash-flow immediately:  View our blog piece

Gives you financial versatility: delivers ready funds for green projects and assets to help your business go greener

Access to quick funding: we can secure funding quickly, should you need it in a hurry

Working capital for the quiet season: take advantage of the quiet season by financing a refurbishment

Fund the whole project: if you are refurbing to include new equipment, labour, installation and design as a total funding package

Eases your budget: provides the certainty of fixed rental payments to help you manage your cash flow and budget

Protects your capital: avoids the need to dip into working capital, freeing it for other uses

Provides a range of solutions: we can help you select from different funding methods

We are looking to work with Green Suppliers

Do you run, or work for a company that supplies Green Technology?   We are looking to partner with Greentech companies that supply Green Solutions: whether that is reducing CO2 emissions or pollution, minimizing waste, or protecting the world's ecosystems.

By partnering with Reality Finance, you can offer a monthly payment option alongside every quotation and offer your customer the option to align income with expenditure by paying for your products in the same way most pay for their office, vehicles, IT etc.

If you’re a vendor, manufacturer, or distributor, we can help you drive sales by offering your customers fast and flexible monthly payment options.

View our Partners Page for Vendors.