Security Equipment Finance

  • Date: 18 April, 2017

Don’t let the capital cost prevent you from getting the best protection for your business

Break-ins, vehicle theft, vandalism, assaults on staff. Today’s businesses face increasing levels of threat from criminals, terrorists, even the insider threat and as a result, safety and security plays an integral role in business life.

As you seek to protect your property, your assets, and your employees, there are many forms of protective security you might need to consider depending on your business requirements and the perceived threats. From CCTV and burglar alarms to sophisticated access control and biometric ID solutions, the range of security systems available in today’s market is extensive.

Whatever your requirement, making sure that your business premises security is up to date can be expensive. And yet the cost of not having the right security in place can be even more dramatic. It’s not simply the tangible costs like time and money but also the intangibles like competitive advantage and damage to reputation. Ultimately, having the right security in place could save your business thousands.

Security Equipment Finance

Fast and flexible security equipment finance is available on a range of security, fire and safety solutions that allow you to spread the cost of your investment over a time frame that suits you. You can match the benefits received from the solution and let it pay for itself over the duration of the agreement, usually between 1 and 5 years.

Paying monthly takes any potentially large up-front costs out of the equation altogether and makes it easier for you to get the security your business needs right away. Security equipment finance is available for the following types of equipment:

  • CCTV

  • Fire Alarms

  • Intruder

  • Detection Systems/Sensors

  • Monitoring systems (nurse call, panic alerts)

  • Tracking equipment

  • Fire doors

  • Access control/door entry systems

  • Barrier Systems

  • Perimeter Security (fences, bollards, locks, gates & shutters)

  • Biometric ID

Monthly payment options that include installation, training, maintenance and support are also available, so you can get the complete security package and all for a fixed and easy to manage monthly fee.

Why do I need Security Equipment Finance?

Using finance is often more affordable than paying for a solution outright. It enables you to preserve cash reserves and other lines of credit for use in other areas of your business, whilst continuing to benefit from the security equipment you require.

Many of our clients use finance regularly to enable flexibility for any eventuality. Examples of this could be additional machinery to increase production, acquisitions to increase market share, extra staff to ensure customer experience or the purchasing of stock to fulfil new contracts. Whatever you use it for, security equipment finance allows you to plan and grow your business more effectively.

Also, presenting a positive Return on Investment case can be a powerful tool for the physical security professional competing for limited business resources.Flexible payments spread across a pre-agreed term means that security equipment finance can help you demonstrate a ROI on the equipment.

Thinking of Security Equipment Finance……what next?

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