Watch your sales take off with Software Financing

  • Date: 31 January, 2017

It’s not in the budget!” 
How many times have you heard potential customers say this?

Reality Finance can help put an end to this very real objection by providing your customers with hassle-free Software Financing. Here’s why:

  1. Offering a monthly payment option takes a potentially large initial investment out of the equation and makes it much easier for you to close the deal. Your software solution becomes easy to buy and you still get paid upfront and in full.

  2. Offering finance enables your sales-teams to demonstrate a Return on Investment to potential clients. For the customer, the cost of their investment is spread over a timeframe that suits them, matching the benefits received from the software and letting it pay for itself over the duration of the agreement.

  3. Offering a monthly payment option can increase order size and encourage upgrades and add-ons. Options such as installation, training and support contracts can all be included.

  4. In addition, our Total Project Payment Plan means that you can offer finance for soft costs too. IT services such as maintenance and support, consultancy, project management, training and installation can all be funded in their own right, with or without the inclusion of hardware or software. Offering a finance solution on services such as support contracts can make renewals easier as customer continue to receive the benefits at an already budgeted, monthly fee.

  5. Including a monthly payment option in all of your customer quotations and proposals can reduce decision-making delays. Customers won’t have to wait until “additional budget” becomes available, increasing their purchasing power.

  6. Offering finance reduces the pressure to offer discounts to close a sale. A monthly payment plan offers affordability and convenience to your clients and enables you to maintain healthy margins.

  7. By partnering with Reality Finance, offering a finance to your customers becomes hassle free. We take care of all the administration and will guide you and your customers through the entire process.

Download our PDF guide to Software Financing
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