Finance for construction

Versatile finance to build your business

Construction firms, developers and building contractors need to continually invest in and update equipment to maintain your competitive edge and build for the future.

Yet, finding the working capital to do this can be a huge challenge. That’s where our asset finance options deliver: spreading the cost of critical equipment so you can enjoy the benefits of ownership without the drawbacks.

We can help you fund

  • All types of machinery
  • Plant
  • Site buildings
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Refurbishments
  • Office equipment
  • Technology & software
  • Mobile communications
  • Renewable technologies
  • Security systems

Why asset finance?

  • Protects your capital: you enjoy the benefits of the equipment you need without advance capital outlay
  • Supports your cash flow: extends the cost over an agreed term, with rental payments that match your budget
  • Funds many different assets: lets you finance a wide range of equipment, from yellow goods to site buildings
  • Delivers flexibility: gives you a variety of options at the end of the finance contract
  • Lets you move fast: quick funding turnarounds so you can get your equipment without delay
  • Frees up cash: can enable you to release capital from your existing assets to re-invest
  • Maximises your choices: we can help you choose from a wide range of funding solutions