Asset Finance for Hospitality & Catering

Catering Companies, Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs: we fund any type of equipment

We arrange finance for Assets from £1,000 up to £10,000,000, with flexible payment schemes so you can pay monthly or seasonally.   Turning large investments into affordable payments - without paying over the odds.

We can fund:

  • Catering Equipment 
  • Kitchen fit-outs
  • Refrigerated Vans
  • Commercial Ovens
  • Ice Machines
  • Water Coolers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Wine Dispensers
  • EPOS systems
  • Conference facilities
  • Marquees and Furniture
  • Food Preparation Machines

We also finance the purchase of TV and entertainment equipment for nightclubs, bars and pubs.


  • Access to Quick Funding
    We can secure funding quickly, should you need it in a hurry:  i.e. if your oven or refrigerator breaks

  • Working Capital for the Quiet Season
    Take advantage of the quiet season by financing a refurbishment

  • Fund the Whole Project
    If you are refurbing to include new equipment, labour, installation and design as a total funding package

Why asset finance?

  • Gives you financial versatility: delivers ready funds for most projects and assets to help your business move ahead
  • Eases your budget: provides the certainty of fixed rental payments to help you manage your cash flow and budget
  • Protects your capital: avoids the need to dip into working capital, freeing it for other uses
  • Lets you act fast: eliminates delays in unlocking capital, so you can spend and invest quickly
  • Provides a range of solutions: we can help you select from different funding methods


How have we helped other companies?

We were approached by a new start restaurant business where the Chef Patron had another business in the restaurant trade.  While considerable cash investment was being made the director wanted to spread the cost of the catering and air conditioning equipment over a three-year period to protect initial cashflow.

There were three suppliers.  The first for the kitchen itself, the second for air conditioning and the third for the smaller appliance to be used in the kitchen.  The latter being an internet supplier that would not invoice a finance company.   Lenders were approached to fund the kitchen and air conditioning with approvals quickly forthcoming, subject to a personal guarantee as this is a new start operation.  With the smaller appliances a sale and leaseback transaction was approved allowing the business to fund the equipment were the supplier would not invoice a lender.

The director required part of the payment to the catering supplier to be withheld until any snagging issues were resolved, this was also arranged.

The result is that the business is now fully open and trading successfully.