IT funding for small businesses

Funding hardware and software for your business

IT funding for small businesses

Businesses need to move fast to keep up with technology, whether it’s fixed, mobile or in the cloud. Missing an opportunity to benefit from emerging digital innovations or failing to keep core equipment up to date can be hugely costly. 

IT finance from Reality Finance gives your business the agility to act quickly, seize on new opportunities as they arise, and embrace the latest equipment, all without tying up valuable cash.

IT assets we can help you fund:

  • IT hardware 
  • Software
  • Cloud solutions
  • Servers
  • EPOS systems
  • Data centres
  • Mobile communications
  • IT design & installation

Why asset finance?

  • Helps you keep ahead of the game: lets you adopt emerging IT quickly to drive competitive edge
  • Spreads the cost: gives you use of the asset without depleting cash reserves or disrupting cash flow
  • Avoids depreciation: safeguards your business from diminishing IT values and equipment obsolescence
  • Lets you access funds quickly: allows you to get the equipment you need, when you need it
  • Helps you plan ahead: with predictable rentals and a payment term tailored to your needs
  • Extends your choice: we can help you choose the best funding from a variety of options