Finance for Manufacturing & Engineering

Reducing risk with flexible funding

Manufacturing and engineering firms need to regularly acquire and upgrade machinery and equipment to keep pace with competitors, legislation and advances in technology. Yet these demands are counterbalanced by the need to keep working capital free.

Our asset finance plans meet both demands, head on: enabling you to obtain the assets you need, when you need them, with tax-efficient and flexible solutions shaped around your business.

We can help you fund:

  • All types of machinery
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Engineering plant
  • Heavy goods vehicles
  • Refurbishments
  • Power generation
  • Renewable technology
  • Security systems
  • IT
  • Telephony
  • Mobile communications

Why asset finance?

  • Avoids large outlays: lets you pay for an asset while you use it, not upfront from precious working capital
  • Spreads the cost: flattens the cost over the asset’s useful life, often without the burden of disposal 
  • Eases forward planning: gives you predictable, fixed rentals and a finance term that suits your business
  • Provides extra flexibility: lets you return the asset or buy it with a balloon payment when the finance term finishes
  • Offers quick turnarounds: delivers funds quickly so you can get the asset quickly
  • Releases cash from existing assets:  some options let you free up the value of equipment you already own
  • Gives you real choice: we can help you choose wisely from a range of funding options