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5 Unexpected Uses For Finance

Our list of weird and wonderful asset finance deals is constantly growing. From potato chippers and popcorn lines to astro turf and solar panels, we have funded assets of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the unexpected assets we have financed are more unusual than others. Here are our top five unexpected uses for finance...

Five unexpected uses for asset finance

1. Livestock

Yes, Livestock! We have previously funded £4,000 worth of dairy cows! We've also funded agricultural and farming equipment such as tractors.

2. Food & Drink Production

We may have funded the production of the next doughnut, coffee or pack of popcorn that you enjoy!


Whether you're turning up the heat or keeping your cool, we can fund heating, ventilation and air-conditioning for your business.

4. Tax Bills

Many businesses are unaware that you can actually finance your tax bills.

5. Office Refurbishments

From ceilings, walls, windows and doors to lighting, furniture, fixtures, fittings and more!


What could you use finance for...?

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