Invoice Finance

  • Unlock cash tied up in outstanding invoices
  • 100% confidential facilities available
  • Bad debt protection
  • Quick and easy to transfer existing facilities 
  • Improve cash flow

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing, also known as Invoice Factoring or Debt Factoring is a  smart way for businesses to free up money cash unpaid invoices.   Invoice Finance bridges the gap between the point at which you make a sale and the time payment is received from the debtor, which is usually 30 to 120+ days.

Get immediate access to cash without a Business Loan

Invoice finance works for any business that wants to release money from their invoices more quickly, improve cash flow, or spend less time chasing late payments.

  • Improve cash flow
  • Pay employees and suppliers on time
  • Take on larger and more lucrative contracts without getting stretched too thin
  • Reduce the Risk of Late Payments and Bad Debts

What's special about our Invoice Discount facilities?

At Reality, we aim to provide our customers with easy access to finance facilities.  Our facilities are designed to bridge the gap between poor service and technology implementation.  Being a Finance Broker, we provide our customers with a 5-star service, unlike other high street lenders.

Advanced payments up to 90% of invoice values

Bad Debt Protection

Transparency with our reporting and credit updates

Highly suitable for businesses involved in all industries experiencing mergers, acquisitions, or substantial growth

100% confidential:  your customers will not be aware

More information about Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a is a form of short-term borrowing in which a company uses its unpaid customer invoices as collateral to secure a loan or cash advance from a financial institution. This practice helps businesses to access funds tied up in outstanding invoices, providing them with the liquidity needed to meet immediate financial obligations, invest in growth, or take advantage of new opportunities.


Invoice discounting is particularly suitable for privately owned SME's with B2B sales and a steady stream of invoiced sales. 


A business delivers goods or services to its customers and issues an invoice with payment terms.
Instead of waiting for the customers to pay within the agreed credit period, the business can choose to sell the invoice to a financial institution at a discount.
The financial institution advances a percentage of the invoice value to the business immediately, typically ranging from 70% to 90%.
Once the customer pays the invoice, the financial institution releases the remaining balance to the business, minus a fee.


Improved Cash Flow: Invoice discounting provides businesses with quick access to cash, enabling them to meet their operational expenses promptly.
Flexibility: It offers flexibility as businesses can choose which invoices to discount, allowing them to tailor the solution to their specific cash flow needs.

Costs and Fees:

The cost of invoice discounting includes the discount fee, which is a percentage of the total invoice value.   The discount fee is influenced by factors such as the creditworthiness of the business's customers, the volume of invoices, and the terms of the invoice.

How our Invoice Finance Works

Instead of Invoicing your customer, and waiting for them to pay according to the invoice terms, you sell your invoice onto us, which you will then be paid 90% of the value up front.


Notify your customers of change in bank details

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We invoice your customer on your behalf

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A percentage of the invoice value gets paid straight to you (between 70-95%)

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