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Financing the Weird and Wonderful

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What do Potato Chippers, Dairy Cows and a Light Aircraft have in common?

You've guessed it, we've financed them as well as many other strange and wonderful business assets. What's more, there's a story behind each and every one.

Hardman Aviation Ltd

Reality Finance speaks to Matt Hardman, Director of Hardman Aviation Ltd about how we helped Finance his Aircraft enterprise.

Matt started purchasing airplanes back in 2018 in order to lease them out to Blackbushe Flying Group Ltd. As demand grew, Hardman Aviation Ltd realised they could scale up their business by investing in more airplanes to keep up with demand.

Financing aircraft can be challenging for any business due to the nature of the Asset. Here's how we helped support Matt throughout the process and helped him secure the Asset he needed in order to grow his business. 


More of the Weird and Wonderful

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Financing the Weird and Wonderful