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Investing in Renewable Energy

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It’s hard not to be feeling the pinch right now.   Wholesale energy prices have increased, leading to higher bills which have been steadily rising over the last 12 months.     

As a result of this, we've noticed an increase in demand for funding around renewable energy, in particular Solar Technology and Electric Vehicles.

What's happening in your business? 

Please take part in our quick survey that tells us so far that:

  • Over 70% of our SME's have considered investing in EV and/or Solar power technology
  • The cost of renewable energy investments has put SME's off 

 Investing in Renewable Energy


Investing in Renewable Energy


Investing in Renewable Energy


Investing in Renewable Energy


How we can help you invest in Renewable Technology?

We have been discussing with our customers how they can pay for the cost of their investment, possibly making immediate cash savings.

Having worked with all kinds of companies across a range of industry sectors, we understand the challenges that exist with businesses wanting to invest in renewable energy technology that could save them valuable cash in the future.

We specialise in funding the following green technologies:

Electric Vehicles and chargers
Solar Power
Wind Power
Commercial Heat Pumps
Smart Meters
Biomass energy

With a focus on providing fast and flexible finance Renewable Energy Finance, our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and provide you with a solution that works for you.