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Transform your Perpetual Software Licenses into a Subscription Model

Offering perpetual software licenses may put you and your sales team at a disadvantage if your competitors primarily offer subscription-based models. Customers may be more inclined to choose subscription options for their perceived benefits and flexibility.    

Smaller monthly payments lower the barrier to entry for customers who might be hesitant to make a larger upfront investment.  Leading with a subscription model rather than an upfront cost can lead to more conversions as businesses are willing to commit to smaller, recurring payments.    Additionally, subscribers often develop a sense of loyalty to the service or product they're subscribed to. Once customers are locked into a subscription, they're less likely to switch to competitors, leading to higher customer retention rates.   At the end of a finance term, clients have the option to purchase more or upgrade their equipment, moving them onto a fresh agreement with the supplier. 

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Offering Flexible Payment Terms


Partnering with Reality will enable you to break your Perpetual Licenses down into affordable monthly costs.    We can fund all elements of your client's project costs and will wrap in training, installation, and upgrades into a single monthly payment.

  • 12-month rates on annual SaaS offerings
  • Fixed rates
  • Include training, installation, and delivery
  • Flexible terms and rates
  • Staged payments

Offer a Hassle-Free Monthly Cost



At Reality, we've made it even easier to provide your customers with a monthly payment quote.   Our new API tool enables you to plug a monthly payment rate into your website and CRM system.  Or you can use the quick calculator feature so your Sales team can quote on the go. 

  • Include a monthly payment option on every quote

    Rates and terms adapted to your products

    Instant rates – no need to contact us every time

    API link means smooth and easy to integrate

    Choose between full API or widget options
  • Customer choses their terms
  • Seamless and enabling purchasing experience
  • We deal with the application and approval process
  • You are notified every step of the way
  • Customers get full and traditional account manager support

Neil Whitear


Neil Whitear

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