Finance for Warehouses

Solar technology
Full fit-outs
IT hardware and software
Robotics and management systems
Specialist Warehouse finance schemes

Funding for all Warehouse Assets

Asset finance is a form of financing that allows businesses to acquire the necessary assets, such as equipment, machinery, or property, without having to pay the full cost upfront.  In the context of warehouses, asset finance can be used to acquire or upgrade equipment and infrastructure.

Full warehouse fit-outs

Warehouse fit-outs typically involve equipping the space with the necessary infrastructure and equipment to optimize storage, organization, and operational efficiency. 

At Reality we can fund all elements of a Warehouse fit-out including:

Storage systems, such as racking, shelving units, and mezzanine floors

Warehouse Management Systems and Robots

Packaging and labeling equipment

Security systems and CCTV

Office furniture and equipment

Climate control systems

Finance for Warehouse Robotics

Implementing warehouse robotics requires careful planning, integration, and often collaboration with existing manual processes.   At Reality, we offer specialist facilities to fund your robotics system over 1-5 years.

Robotic arms

Automated guided vehicles

Autonomous mobile robots

Drone technology

Automated storage and retrieval systems

Goods-to-person systems

Supporting your IT costs

Our IT Finance plans provide easy and flexible monthly payment solutions that allow you to spread the cost of your projects.

Software being cloud-based or hosted


Training, installation, and delivery

Flexible terms and rates

Staged payments

Finance for Solar Technology

Installing solar panels in warehouses is a sustainable and cost-effective way to generate clean energy while reducing electricity costs. This practice aligns with the growing trend of businesses adopting renewable energy solutions.

PV panels


Mounting rails

Servicing and repairs

Installation and delivery

Funding options for your business to thrive

Reality Finance will source you the correct funding option that is suitable for the asset you are purchasing and the position of your business.

After understanding your business needs, we will discuss with you the best funding option.   Typically these could include:

Specialist Technology Loans

Quick access to funds when a cash injection is needed.

Hire Purchase

Own the asset, and pay over time.

Business Tax Loans

Short solution for unexpected corporation tax bills.

Finance Lease

Ownership of the asset is transferred to the lessee at the end of the lease term.

Deal Approved by Reality Finance

How does our Finance work?

You will have one point of contact at Reality and we believe in building relationships - we won't make you fill in online forms to make your application.


Choose the asset or service your company needs

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Speak to us and we will use our panel of lenders to find you the best monthly payment option

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We take care of the paperwork and invoicing

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Your product or service is delivered to you

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You pay for your new asset as you use it

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