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Reality Finance Partners with Investec Capital Solutions to Deliver Cutting-Edge Invoice Discounting Solution for SMEs


Reality Finance is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Investec Capital Solutions, a division of Investec Bank plc, to introduce an innovative Invoice Discounting solution tailored for SMEs. This collaboration aims to provide businesses with the working capital they need, free from the limitations often associated with traditional banking methods.

James Cashmore, Commercial Director at Reality Finance, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership:

“Reality and Investec have enjoyed a great relationship over the years, delivering traditional asset finance facilities to our clients. However, their Invoice Discounting facility is exceptional, offering market-leading advantages through innovative technology and deep customer insights. I am thrilled to incorporate this product into our existing portfolio, ensuring our customers have the options they need to maintain smooth cash flow operations.”

Key Benefits to Customers:


  • Expanded Financial Solutions: Beyond credit facilities such as leasing, business tax loans, and hire purchase products, customers can now unlock cash tied up in outstanding invoices.
  • Enhanced Cash Flow: Invoice finance is ideal for businesses seeking to quickly release funds from their invoices, improve cash flow, and reduce the time spent on chasing late payments.
  • Risk Mitigation: By leveraging invoice finance, businesses can experience improved cash flow and a reduced risk of late payments and bad debts.
  • This partnership marks a significant milestone in Reality Finance’s mission to support SMEs with comprehensive financial solutions that drive growth and stability.

Nathan Barnes at Investec comments;

“At Investec, we recognise the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses when it comes to accessing working capital. Traditional banking methods often impose limitations that hinder growth and restrict business potential.
Through our partnership with Reality Finance Ltd, we aim to address these limitations by offering SMEs a flexible and efficient Confidential Invoice Discounting solution. This solution will empower businesses to unlock the working capital they need, enabling them to seize growth opportunities, manage cash flow effectively, and navigate the ever-changing business landscape with confidence.
We are thrilled about on our partnerships, the possibilities this brings and the positive impact it will have on SMEs. By combining our expertise in corporate and investment banking with Reality Finance Ltd's knowledge in finance, we can deliver a truly innovative and tailored solution that meets the unique needs of SMEs.”

About Investec Capital Solutions:


Investec Capital Solutions, a division of Investec Bank plc, specialises in providing businesses with flexible access to capital. As a leading confidential invoice discounting provider, Investec Capital Solutions aims to bridge the gap between subpar service and technology implementation, offering a unique "hi-tech, hi-touch" approach to businesses.

Their solutions are particularly suitable for businesses already utilising a working capital facility or overdraft, those offering extended payment terms, experiencing cash flow pressures, or requiring an injection of capital due to events such as management buyouts (MBOs), mergers, or acquisitions.

Whether businesses require short-term financing, working capital facilities, or assistance with specific financial events, Investec Capital Solutions is dedicated to providing flexible and reliable capital solutions to support their growth and success.

For more information on this facility please visit our Invoice Discounting page.

Annie Plaskett


Annie Plaskett

Marketing Manager

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