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Winter 2024: Game on?


At Reality, we are passionate about sports and love supporting clubs of all shapes and sizes.   From local golf clubs to premier league football teams, we’ve worked over the years to support them over the winter months by investing in new and used club equipment.   With persistent rain, frozen greens, and storm damage, we understand protecting the Course and Greens can be an expensive process and involves a combination of planning, infrastructure, and maintenance.

Sports Clubs Finance


If your club needs to take measures now, but you don’t have the cash reserves to cover the cost, speak to us about our specialist asset finance schemes for clubs.   We can help and support you to acquire the following:


Funding for grounds investments and maintenance


  • Maintenance equipment & vehicles
  • Astro Turf / 4G pitches
  • Elevation and grading
  • Levelling machines
  • Leaf blowers and sweepers

Golf Club pitch and grounds

To avoid flooding and damaging the grounds


We will fund drainage systems including:

  • Aeration and irrigation systems
  • Stainless steel channel and gully systems
  • Gravel Banding
  • Sand Slitting
  • Subsurface drainage pipes
  • Water runoff systems
  • Silt Fences and Erosion Control
  • Flood Barriers
  • Vegetative Buffers

Golf club drainage


Tips to keep your grounds in play


Routing Inspections:   Address any issues promptly, such as repairing damaged drainage pipes, regarding uneven surfaces, and clearing debris from drainage outlets.

Weather Monitoring:   Implement a weather monitoring system to track rainfall and potential flood events.   Use this information to make informed decisions about field usage and to implement preventive measures ahead of severe weather.

Emergency Preparedness:  Develop an emergency action plan that includes procedures for dealing with flood events.

Community Collaboration:  Work with local authorities, environmental agencies, and neighboring properties to implement coordinated flood prevention measures.

Education and Communication:  Educate sports facility users, staff, and stakeholders about the importance of proper field use during adverse weather conditions and clearly communicate guidelines for avoiding damage to the sports green.

By implementing a combination of these preventive measures, sports facilities can significantly reduce the risk and impact of flood damage on their greens, ensuring a more resilient and sustainable playing surface. Consulting with experts in sports field management and environmental engineering can provide valuable insights tailored to the specific needs of your facility.

Benefits of Asset Finance for Club Equipment


Your club doesn't need to drain it's remaining cash reserves to invest.   They can still acquire new equipment now but pay overtime by using funding facilities such as Hire Purchase, or Lease to Buy.


Funding for UK Food Manufacturing


Other benefits of leasing include:

  • Full ownership at the end of the term
  • Frees up cash reserves
  • Fixed monthly outgoings including maintenance costs
  • Obtain advanced equipment on a budget
  • Tax Sense:  100% Tax Allowable and VAT can be reclaimed
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