Renewable Energy Funding

Funding for Cost Saving Technologies

We arrange business finance for projects that help companies save money on their energy bill.   We also help finance projects where income will be generated from selling the energy generated to a third party.

Starting a new project?

We can source finance if your business is looking to save money on your energy bills and improve your green credentials by reducing your carbon footprint.

This includes if you have decided to invest in a new installation that will enable you to produce your own energy which could be electricity, gas, or heat

Looking to refinance?

We can refinance existing renewable energy assets which have been installed for at least 6 months. 
If your business has already installed a renewable energy asset that has enabled you to reduce energy bills, provide another income stream either through selling the energy on and/or taking advantage of government incentives which may include a feed-in-tariff or a renewable heat incentive, then we can support you with refinancing.

We specialise in funding the following green technologies:

Electric Vehicles and chargers
Solar Power
Wind Power
Commercial Heat Pumps
Smart Meters
Biomass energy
Anaerobic digestion plants
Combined heat and power (CHP) systems

What funding methods do we arrange?:

As a leading Broker and a funder in our own right, we would arrange finance around your specific business needs.   Most renewable assets can be financed via Hire Purchase and Business Loans.  

What would we need from you to proceed

We can arrange funding if your business has have been trading for at least 2 years.
A 10% deposit would be required and also a proposal to include 3 months recent bank statements, filed accounts, and business plans.   We would also want to review any supplier agreements including servicing and warranty.

Why Asset finance?

Take advantage of staged payments:  to fit in with your cashflow

Free up cash flow immediately:  view our blog piece

Access to quick funding: we can secure funding quickly, should you need it in a hurry

Fund the whole project: if you are refurbing to include new equipment, labour, installation, and design as a total funding package

Eases your budget: provides the certainty of fixed rental payments that can be spread out over 1-5 years to help you manage your cash flow and budget

Protects your capital: avoids the need to dip into working capital, freeing it for other uses


Case Study

We had a recent case where a client company had made the decision to make longer-term savings in their energy bills.  As part of this process, the company is investing close to £23,000 in a Solar Energy creation and storage solution for their business premises.   The business operates from a factory in the South of England where the roof is South Facing, ideal for harvesting Solar Energy. 

  • Our customer is financing the cost of the Solar Solution over five years via a Renewable Energy Funding finance agreement.  This should allow for a first-year Super deduction allowance allowing the business to utilise 130% of the cost of the system in their writing down allowances calculation.
  • They will be able to run the factory using energy created by the new solar system from the first day of installation.
  • The cost of the Hire Purchase repayments will be lower than the old monthly electricity bill - an immediate cash benefit.
  • If the system creates more power than is used by the company then it can be fed into the Grid which will receive payments.

The customer is also purchasing new electric vehicles, which can be charged at work and, which allow the company to offset a higher proportion of their cost against taxable income than their traditionally powered predecessors.  In addition, the drivers also be entitled to a far lower benefit in kind charge for having the use of an electrically powered Company vehicle. 

Typically, if a company car driver switches to a Hybrid vehicle their benefit in kind charge will reduce by circa fifty percent.  If they switch to a fully Electric vehicle their benefit in kind charge will be negligible, even if they drive the most expensive electric car available!!!

We are looking to work with Green Suppliers

Do you run, or work for a company that supplies Green Technology?   We are looking to partner with Greentech companies that supply Green Solutions: whether that is reducing CO2 emissions or pollution, minimizing waste, or protecting the world's ecosystems.

By partnering with Reality Finance, you can offer a monthly payment option alongside every quotation and offer your customer the option to align income with expenditure by paying for your products in the same way most pay for their office, vehicles, IT etc.

If you’re a vendor, manufacturer, or distributor, we can help you drive sales by offering your customers fast and flexible monthly payment options.

View our Partners Page for Vendors.

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