Renewable Energy Finance

  • Own the asset, pay over time
  • Include training, installation and delivery
  • Repayment terms: 1 to 5 years
  • Optional Balloon Payments

Covering all renewable assets

We arrange finance for projects that help companies save money on their energy bill.   We also help finance projects where income will be generated from selling the energy generated to a third party.

  •  Electric Vehicles and chargers
  •  Solar Power
  •  Wind Power
  •  Hydropower
  •  Commercial Heat Pumps
  •  Composting
  •  Smart Meters
  •  Biomass energy
  •  Anaerobic digestion plants
  •  Combined heat and power (CHP) systems

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Flexible and fast funding

Our flexible finance can fund pretty much any asset needed that makes your business greener, or more sustainable.    We will offer you:

  • Hire Purchase, Sale and Leaseback Business Loans
  • Optional balloon payments
  • Can be used for hard and soft assets
  • Settle the agreement at any time
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Refinancing available on existing business assets 
  • Same day approval

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Case Study

We had a recent case where a client company had made the decision to make longer-term savings in their energy bills. 

As part of this process, the company is investing close to £23,000 in a Solar Energy creation and storage solution for their business premises.   

The business operates from a factory in the South of England where the roof is South Facing, ideal for harvesting Solar Energy. 




The customer is also purchasing new electric vehicles, which can be charged at work and, which allow the company to offset a higher proportion of their cost against taxable income than their traditionally powered predecessors. In addition, the drivers also be entitled to a far lower benefit in kind charge for having the use of an electric powered Company vehicle.

  • Our customer is financing the cost of the Solar Solution over five years via a Hire Purchase finance agreement. This should allow for a first year Super deduction allowance allowing the business to utilise 130% of the cost of the system in their writing down allowances calculation.
  • They will be able to run the factory using energy created by the new solar system from the first day of installation.
  • The cost of the Hire Purchase repayments will be lower than the old monthly electricity bill - an immediate cash benefit.
  • If the system creates more power than is used by the company then it can be fed into the Grid which it will receive payments for.


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How does our Finance work?

You will have one point of contact at Reality and we believe in building relationships - we won't make you fill in online forms to make your application.


Choose the asset or service your company needs

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Speak to us and we will use our panel of lenders to find you the best monthly payment option

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We take care of the paperwork and invoicing

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Your product or service is delivered to you

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You pay for your new asset as you use it

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