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Bray Solutions and Asset Finance

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By Rob Hodgson.

The Client

Bray solutions are a large logistics and warehousing business who were looking for a replacement warehouse management system – the most business-critical type of IT change for this industry. They started by reviewing 8 different vendors and after 3 months, narrowed it down to myself / Access as a preferred supplier. I felt very confident following lots of positive feedback from different stakeholders within Bray.

The Sales Challenge

When I started to push for an order, we hit some major issues around how they intended to fund the project… despite this having been tested and agreed upon very early in the sales process. They were adamant they wanted to pay monthly and could not CAPEX the project due to other on-going CAPEX spend.

Although the parent company themselves are very financially strong, our end users were not in the same position due to some finance restructuring internally, so finance appeared off the table. This threw the deal into serious doubt with the most likely outcome being a 6-9 month delay pushing this out of Access’s current financial year.

The Finance Solution

After a lot of hard work between ourselves and Jason Turner from Reality, we managed to split the deal between multiple lenders and offered the client a solution that worked for everyone. The result was a ‘closed-won’ order in November 2020 which wouldn't have been possible without Reality Finance.


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