Asset Finance Information

How does Asset Finance work?

We often get asked "How does Asset Finance work?", so we've illustrated the process to explain it as simply as we can.



Step 1

The customer decides to purchase equipment from a supplier.

Step 2

Customer contacts Reality Finance to secure the best Finance deal.

Step 3

Reality Finance contacts multiple Funders to find the best option for the customer.

Step 4

Customer agrees best rate for their desired term and gives go ahead with the funding.

Step 5

Finance application approved by Funder and documents sent to customer.

Step 6

Reality Finance contacts the equipment supplier for invoicing of the equipment.

Step 7

Customer sends the signed documents back to Reality Finance to check.

Step 8

Invoice received from the supplier for payment.

Step 9

Customer receives equipment from supplier.

Do you have more questions about Asset Finance?

Take a look at our Business Guide to Asset Finance for a more in-depth overview, where we've answered common questions, explained the different types of asset finance, looked at different funding options and cleared up some misconceptions.


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