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How does Asset Finance work?

We often get asked "How does Asset Finance work?", so we've illustrated the process to explain it as simply as we can.



Step 1

The customer decides to purchase equipment from a supplier.

Step 2

Customer contacts Reality Finance to secure the best Finance deal.

Step 3

Reality Finance contacts multiple Funders to find the best option for the customer.

Step 4

Customer agrees best rate for their desired term and gives go ahead with the funding.

Step 5

Finance application approved by Funder and documents sent to customer.

Step 6

Reality Finance contacts the equipment supplier for invoicing of the equipment.

Step 7

Customer sends the signed documents back to Reality Finance to check.

Step 8

Invoice received from the supplier for payment.

Step 9

Customer receives equipment from supplier.

Do you have more questions about Asset Finance?

Take a look at our Business Guide to Asset Finance for a more in-depth overview, where we've answered common questions, explained the different types of asset finance, looked at different funding options and cleared up some misconceptions.


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