Lease to Buy

Monthly payments to suit your business

What is Lease to Buy?

Lease to buy is an ideal solution for all sizes of businesses that are keen to purchase new and used equipment, but want to spread the payments over time.

                  Hire Purchase Finance

A Lease to Buy purchase scheme is a great way of acquiring new equipment quickly while spreading the cost over an agreed period of time.  Our minimum term agreements are 12 months, but you can also pay over 5 years.   

What's more, you gain ownership of the equipment upon the final payment, which means you could claim back up to 130% first-year capital allowance via the Super Deductions scheme.

  • Full ownership at the end of the term:   While you don’t own the asset until the term is finished, you treat the asset as though you do.  
  • Own the asset, pay over time: obtain essential equipment without paying upfront
  • Preserve your capital and cash flow: leave capital free and optimise your cash flow
  • Tailor your terms: match your payment term to your needs, and your repayments to your cash flow and asset depreciation
  • Choose to buy: choose to purchase the asset if you wish, with a one-off payment at the end of the term
  • Lower your tax bill: enjoy tax-deductible repayment interest, claimable capital allowances on equipment, and immediately recoverable VAT on the full purchase price (except for cars).   See our Super Deductions page for more information.
  • No upfront costs
  • 5-star service rating
  • Same-day credit approvals*
  • Variety of funding options available
  • No minimum turnovers
  • Available terms: 12 months to 5 years

What's The Process When Setting up a Lease to Buy Agreement?   

  • You choose the equipment your business needs 
  • Speak to us to arrange the funding approval
  • We arrange invoicing with your chosen supplier.
  • We process the paperwork and send it to the lender and arrange for the supplier to be paid.
  • You commence paying rentals, typically ten to fourteen days after the lender receives the paperwork and pays the supplier.

What Can You Purchase with Lease to Buy?

  • Packaging equipment 
  • Plant machinery 
  • Construction machinery
  • Manufacturing and engineering plant
  • IT Hardware
  • Vehicles
  • Installation, delivery and training

How Will You Gain Full Ownership Of The Equipment?

You will be the registered keeper of the equipment from day one.   Technically the Lender owns the equipment until the term of the Lease is completed.  While you are still making payments, you aren’t allowed to sell or dispose of the goods without the lender’s permission.

While you don’t own the asset until the term is finished, you treat the asset as though you do.  

Do You Still Pay VAT On The Equipment?

Yes you would pay the VAT upfront and claim it back as if you were purchasing the equipment up front.   VAT is not payable on the rentals.

Why Reality Finance?

We make Hire Purchase flexible, with payment plans designed around your business and cash flow. Choose from the different deposit and rental options, select fixed or variable interest rates or different payment terms.

With our same-day credit approvals, we’ll provide you with a rapid decision and turnaround to help you acquire the equipment needed to run your business.

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