Offer your customers new ways to pay with 0% Finance

Slice payments monthly


Offering a 0% monthly payment option is a reliable way to boost sales and increase deal sizes.  It's also a way to protect your margin and reduce the level of discount that is given away at the point of sale

We work with all Resellers and Vendors of all shapes and sizes to offer 0% finance to the end customer.   

How it works:

  • We supply you with an easy to use Calculator so you can quote the customer a monthly rate
  • If your customer is interested, we process their application to obtain credit   
  • You get paid in full upfront, while your customers pay us over time

What type of Customer can we support?

We offer finance facilities for Limited Companies of any shape or size.  If your customer is a Consumer, Sole Trader or Partnership it is a legal requirement that you are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority before we can offer a Lending facility. For more information please visit the FCA Website.

Reality Finance will provide a same day funding decision for your customer, meaning you can process the deal quickly and efficiently.    You will also be provided with an Account Manager at Reality Finance who will ensure each customer has their finance approved smoothly and you get paid immediately. 

Next steps:

  • Provide us with some high-level details so we can qualify you as an Authorised Reseller.
  • The 0% Finance Calculator will be delivered to your inbox after we've had a brief discussion with you and qualified your customer needs.

0% Calculator Request

        Super Deductions on Asset Finance

How does it work?

48 hour turn around
Use Calculator to generate monthly payment option to include in your customer quotations
Customer accepts Monthly Payment Option
Pass details to Reality Finance to underwrite
*Subject to acceptance
Finance documents sent to customer via email for electronic signature
On completion of signed docs, you deliver customer’s solution
Reality make payment to you upon delivery of goods/service
Convert Convert more
Increase Increase
Deal Sizes
Close Close Deals
Easy Payment Easy payment