Simplifying your Revenue

Direct Debit chasing taken off your hands

What is RealPay?

RealPay is our new payment collection solution which is based on a 0% finance offering.   

It's a cost-effective solution for you to collect customer payments without the hassle of direct debit chasing.   

Our RealPay portal also enables you to make mid-term adjustments and your customer can be placed on an "auto-renewal" scheme, meaning your business gets guaranteed reccurring revenue.    

Key Benefits of our RealPay Solution

  • Simplified Revenue Collection
  • Direct Debit chasing taken off your hands
  • Ability to send bulk renewals and mid-term adjustments
  • No rate for the customer – 0% offering
  • Instant credit decisions
  • 99% approval rating
  • Ease of process: Customer signed up to pay monthly within minutes
  • Reporting and MI: View details, transactions, and payments at any time

How does RealPay work?


When your customer chooses to pay monthly, they are taken through to our secure API collection portal where they will add their bank details.   Upon a quick completion of their details and signing the terms and conditions, they will receive an instant credit decision.   Your customer will "e-sign" the agreement there and then and you will be notified immediately. 

    • RealPay set up the Finance agreement with the appropriate Lender
    • Customer signs credit agreement to pay monthly
    • You are paid in full
    • The finance auto-renews at the end of the agreement with the option for you to add a YOY % increase

RealPay is a Benefit to You and Your Customer

Offering a monthly payment option is becoming standard practice across all industries.  Customers these days expect to be able to spread their payments over a period of time as an alternative to paying cash upfront.   Offering this solution will make your sales process easier, especially around the time of renewal.

Streamline your Renewals Process

One of the key benefits of RealPay is the renewals process.  Your customer initially signs up for their solution to be "auto-renewed" annually, with the ability to make adjustments to their agreement with you.

For example, they may want to bolt on certain products or services and you may want to add a percentage increase to the deal.