Vendor Finance Calculator

The quick and easy way to quote your customers "on the Go"

The Vendor Finance Calculator allows you to generate monthly payment costs on the go - via your laptop, phone, or work tablet.

Tailored with your pre-agreed, competitive rates, and uniquely branded with your company logo, the calculator does all the number crunching for you. You can calculate monthly rentals based on a total invoice value or calculate an invoice value based on monthly rentals.

Available both online and on mobile devices (iOS & Android), the Vendor Finance Calculator can be used anywhere and at any time, adding significant value to your business, saving you valuable time, and helping you close more business.

Reality Finance Apps - Web, Mobile, Tablet.How our Vendor Calculator Works

Watch our handly demo:

Logging In

Visit and then enter your login credentials (email if you don't have these to hand).

Remember, we also have the calculator available as an App:

Click here for Android


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Or via iPhone & iPad here

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Once you are Logged In

  • Once you are logged in you will see a look-up screen that allows you to search for your customer and see vital company information– such as the company directors, trading history, registration number, and credit limit.   This will give you more insight into the health of your customer's business.

  • Use the sliders to adjust the term or the monthly rentals so that you can quickly tweak your quote to match your customer’s budget. There’s also an option to generate a branded PDF quotation that you can email directly to your customer or print off and attach to your quote.   Click here for an example.

  • Next, add the total balance to finance and select the terms.

  • Finish adding in the client details and the quotation will be emailed to you and your customer if you choose

Benefits of our Vendor Calculator

  • Fast and convenient - generate monthly payment options anytime, anywhere
  • Include a monthly payment option in ALL your customers' quotations
  • Easy to use - simple, 3 step process
  • Uniquely branded with your company logo

To get your own branded calculator, contact our vendor team on 01483 413859 or email 

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