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"Working with Reality Finance has opened doors for us"

Cre8tive Space is a specialist commercial interior solutions provider. They design and build inspirational workspaces, creating environments that allow their customers and their teams to work to their full potential. We spoke to Stevette Potts, Managing Director at Cre8tive Space, about how Partnering with Reality Finance to offer their customers a finance option has "opened doors" for her business.

To highlight our Partnership success, we looked at an example of a project for Arken, providers of automated document drafting and business efficiency technology solutions for private client legal firms. A year since completion, we visited Arken's new Cre8tive-Space-designed office with Stevette to observe the impact the project has had on business success.



As a growing business, Arken was looking to "change the business up" and expand into new premises. David Newick, Managing Director, was tasked with ensuring their new location would cater to their planned growth and also reflect the company culture he was trying to achieve.

Having already found a location, David needed a Supplier that could deliver a comprehensive design and fit-out solution within his "very compressed time-frame".


Through initial conversations with David, Stevette understood the urgency of his requirements for Arken. Given the specific nature of the situation, she quickly enlisted help from Jason Turner, her Account Manager at Reality Finance, to begin potentially getting the finance in place for the project.

Cre8tive Space put together a scope of works and a design that would fulfil Arken's business needs as well as give them the visual impact they were looking to create. David explained, "Cre8tive Space for us interpreted our requirements really well, they listened incredibly well."

After approaching several suppliers, David chose to work with Cre8tive Space because "the key thing was that they were able to deliver everything from the initial design all the way through to a turnkey solution, furniture, financing, and everything in between."


Stevette knew that "bringing Reality Finance in at a relatively early stage meant that while we were going through the quoting process, and negotiating that package, Reality in the background were actually taking care of all the finance issues without us really having to be concerned with that until the day we were told that the finance was in place and we could start our project."

Arken didn't need to take out the finance to complete the project, but David explained that "when you look at financing you've got to consider the state of your own business and in a fast-growing business like ourselves its really important that we apply capital in the right places. So rather than applying that to furniture and fit-out, we were able to take a deal with Reality Finance which meant that we could invest in our business the things that are creating really fast growth."


Speaking about the project as a whole, David says "we could not have done it unless the partners we worked with were really time-efficient and understood the need for us to be in by a certain for me as the MD of the business I was able to deliver my project and get on with all the other many things to drive business growth."


Watch the full Case Study in our video below:

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